Cookies Policy

Cookies are small data files stored on your device. It can be used to record data from website usage, such as website areas you have visited in the past and the duration of the visit. By using and accessing the services provided by the website, CasinoLioness places some cookie files in the web browser of your end device. Only cookies on your end device will be identified.

We also use cookies for analytical purposes. This information will be sent to a third service (Google Analytics) as an agent that will perform data analysis. You have the right to control cookies and similar technologies through various tools such as:

  • browser software controls to prevent the use of cookies
  • control over advertisers, through additional functionality on the browser software
  • control over the activation of JavaScript for the collection of data to be sent to third parties

You can accept or decline cookies by modifying the settings in your browser. Please see your browser's help menu if you want to do this. However, you may not be able to use all of the interactive features of our website if cookies are disabled.

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